TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JEMBER-Department of industry

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JEMBER-Department of industry, trade and MINERAL RESOURCES will be rolling out market operations to chicken egg race. The OP for a commodity that’s done because the price of

chicken eggs surviving high last month. Entering the month of July, the price of eggs still perched on the figure of Rp 19,000 per kilogram.

This makes Disperindag and MINERAL RESOURCES will Livestock, in collaboration with Department of Fisheries and Oceans (Disperikel) for the menggelontor egg to Jember market through CO-OP. CO-OP chicken eggs that will be done in this July.

“We are waiting for the coordination with the Office of animal husbandry because of who got their stuff,” said head of Trade Disperindag and MINERAL RESOURCES Agoes Noer Immortal, Thursday (3/7).


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