Environment Agency

Environment Agency ( BLH ) Indragiri Hulu , Riau Province asked firmly waste handling companies indicated that environmental damage to polemical in society through legal channels in order to create a deterrent effect .

” We hope the BLH more open and publish related companies allegedly wrecking the environment , a number of elements can masarakat know the results of the agency ‘s performance , ” said one resident environmentalists Arita ( 55 ) in Rengat Friday .

manfaat kolang kaling
He said , a number of companies in Indragiri Hulu engaged in the management of oil palm fruit khasiat kolang kaling is still much less attention to the environment eg waste polluting residents .

This was due to the processing of waste ranging from less qualified to the standard amount of waste ponds .

In addition , mining companies that destroy the environment because it does not perform reclamation so accident-prone , sap companies that throw waste into the river which is the source of life of the population.

“Things like that should receive serious close attention of the relevant agencies in the area , ” he said .

He suspects there are a number of companies that pollute the environment such as plant sap PT Tirta Sari Rengat , MCC PT SSR , RBH PT , PT SSK , and PT Inecda Plantation .

According to him , Indragiri Hulu District Government should respond to all that, so the pollution -free environment Indragiri Hulu and damaged the environment can be minimized so that the future of this area is free of pollution .

Meanwhile , Chairman of the Joint Organization masarakat Indragiri Hulu Marwan said , there are a number of companies Oil Factory Head ( MCC ) which indicated lack of attention to the environment eg MCC PT Duta Palma , PT SSR , PT Inecda and plant sap Tirtasari Rengat .

” You should do a survey BLH and laboratory testing of the waste after the results are published openly , ” said Marwan .

Head of the Environment Agency Indragiri Hulu , M Bayu said that it had worked optimum handling of the waste companies operating in that area .

” A number of companies have been mailed and disposal of laboratory tests have been done , ” he said


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